Six Effective Tips To Lose Weight Fast and Naturally

Hydrate Yourself with Lots Of Water
Research have proved that when you tend to be full easily after drinking water.
Have a cup of water before and after your meals to prevent you from over eating. You would need to drink 9-10 glasses of water per day to ensure that the proper condition of your body.
Drinking cold water can aid in losing weight fast as the body will try to raise the cold water temperature to our body temperature and this will burn more calories.


Eat Five Meals but Less Intake A Day
In the early days, education has taught us to consume 3 meals a day to be healthy. However, there is a better answer to it. Having 5 small meals a day can actually trick your body that you are eating lesser but in fact, you are eating more.
Having meals with 2-3 hours interval will increase metabolism rate in your body and this will help to lose weight faster.

Eat Fat to Burn Fat
You would need healthy fats to increase the calorie burning and what I meant was not the ones that you see in fast food restaurants. Those are unhealthy fats that will do harm to your body.
Try eating foods with good fats like nuts such as raw almonds and walnuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, Flax seed oil, salmon, avocados, and tuna.

Eating healthy fats can prevent the accumulation of belly fat.
Doing Cardio Exercise
The best way to loosing weight fast is to do cardio. How does cardio help us in losing weight? When you are doing exercise, more oxygen will be required to transport to your body and it increases the rate of oxygen that is delivered to your cells.
The higher the intensity of the exercises, the more blood will be required for the heart to pump it to all parts of your body. Hence it will increase the rate of fat burning.

Spice Up Your Meals
Spicy foods can help to boost your metabolism rate and reducing the size of your belly. Eating half a teaspoon of cinnamon everyday can actually help to increase your metabolism rate and keep your blood sugar level low.
Spice and herbs can replace unhealthy garnishes such as salad dressing and it can also help to add additional flavor to the dishes.

Change to a Smaller Serving Size
By changing to a smaller plate, you will tend to feel full once your plate is empty; this is a part of psychology that sends signals to our brain, telling that you have eaten enough.
It is a one of the easiest and yet effective strategy that can be carried out immediately, without having to spend much time into it.

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