Points you should remember when designing website

Web pages has various types and design. Color layout and content are most essential point. Designer works with these component always. But need some extra things remember when designing a site. This is web designer responsibility. Can’t avoid.

1. User friendly: User has main access to use essential content or parts. All sites are made for users. If user is not valid then website also not valid and presentable. Somebody using , reading or writing that’s called user. If user feels soft surfing that’s the designer credit. Designer has the whole authority to change full movement of a site. Need an example? Sure- I have such many of examples. Best is Themeforest. If you browse this site you may understand what actually need to maintain.

2. Color: color is beauty of all visible things.  Somebody who is new or not ready to use website that men also catch the color of beauty. Even kids are not far from this. So the big issue is also color selection. Which color combination can make attractive your site, you must find out. You never copy another site but you need to create one as more unique. Before start you must select the colors of your website. Web developers has a great collections of color code. You may searching for color code collections? Please find out here color codes.

3. Layouts: Layout means what is the web site area and how much section will be create. Its the web page variation. You can design too many layouts in several pages. Like as contact page and article page or home page never be same layout. All are different. You can find again Themeforest themes then understand about layout. All themes are different layout and totally different.

4. Typography: Website has font and graphics which called by content. Designer should maintain nice and attractive typography for users. Font style, size, line height , paragraph style and many more. The main thing is how look the web page is? Is it pretty? defends on typography. Nobody can make a nice website without good typography. Even you can design whole webpage without any more if you know how to use typography. Needs to learn about on it. Google fonts are more effective to integrate nice typography. I recommend you use google fonts.

5. Flat form: This means which CMS you will use? Is it your own CMS ? Or you’ll use free CMS such as wordpress, drupal or joomla. Most popular is wordpress. You can easily find out premium theme or you can manage with your designed site as wordpress theme. You need little knowledge for that. If you can’t do that, many more wordpress developers are waiting for your order. Cheaper but powerful work they will do.

6. Light weight: The site or pages must be light weight. It seems your page may contain some image or .swf files, but they should lighter weight. Others your page loading time will be more and visitor never try to come back. Be careful about your page loading time. Most of page load time is 0.3Seconds. You can’t go far from 1 to 2 seconds. Sometimes it defends on hosting server speed. In my memory now its very faster page is google.com, you may never reach google but need to try.

7. Clean and readability: Essential thing is clean site or page. People always love to visit clean and wider pages. If the page is not readable then nothing is here. Nobody will review that. So your page must have clear visibility and readability. Eye refreshment or enjoyment must follow by design rules.  An example is here Bluehost official site is more clean. You can analyses the site after visiting once.