Online market in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is growing day by day with big internet users/community. Now a days maximum people are using online portal or social community for pleasure and passing time. Gossiping and sharing own status people are already involve with Facebook twitter and linkedin. Online market is very new in our Bangladesh.

Some people are already buying their needs from internet marketing. Such as online markets. The big chain shops are already migrating and adding the features of online marketing. Some people are never want to go shop for buy goods. But some people are not like that. Some are different and they analyze price in second from buyers portal.

Why online mark in Bangladesh are not started in before? This is very simple question. In before our Bangladesh has no payment gateway and Bangladesh bank has restricted law. Now government has understood and take an action on biggest online market. That’s why market is just running on. People are selling their goods. In the moments some people are not trust website for paying money. This is peoples knowledge issue. This can be improve by consulting from govt.

You may consider me on this theory, Bangladeshi government never help to growing some business area like as Malaysia or china. They always take benefit. Its true. But we hope it will be change in next future.

So we’re in trouble to buy products online and sell products online. Other-hand in foreign country it was started at-least 10 years before. Amazon is the biggest market in the world. They are the leading position for selling goods online. Online market is now very demand full area in the world. We have very good opportunity to use it.